Original Watercolor Running Free by Lee Mothes. Copyright 1998, www.oceansanddreams.com

 Original Watercolor Running Free by Lee Mothes. Copyright 1998, www.oceansanddreams.com

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Your Emotional Nutrients
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 About Emotional Nutrition and Emotional Life:

Your Best Emotional Life Starts Here
Even as mature adults, we can't avoid some stresses and shocks - every life has them. What we can do is minimize their occurence, and keep ourselves in the best possible condition to deal with them when they do occur. Here are six things we can do to strengthen our 'emotional ground zero'...

Emotional Diet Neglect and its High Cost 
We pay attention to our food diet because we know the penalties of bad eating habits and poor nutrition. But another kind of diet is at least or even more important. Neglecting or abusing it leads to all kinds of dire consequences. Here are five of the many such negative consequences, followed by what to do to avoid them. 

Emotional Hunger Calls for Emotional Nutrition
Are emotional hungers – ones you may not even be aware of – driving you to make choices based on emotional need instead of what’s actually best for you? Learn what kind of consequences to expect so you can take the right constructive steps...

How To Manage Your Emotional Problems
Everybody has emotional problems in life - that's just part of being alive. So if you have them, well, join the club! You're part of the human race. Learn what allows some people to move on and have what they want in life while others are mowed under...

About Emotional Nutrition in Adulthood:

 Adulthood - How Is This Life Passage Designed?
Ask any adult how the unfolding process of adult life is designed, and they wouldn't have a clue.  Yet this is the process every adult undergoes, and it dictates the fundamentals of every moment of every single day, day in and day out.  Here is a summary of that design. Introduces readers to the process and pattern of emotional development throughout life.

Revealed - The Basic Elements of Our Adult Life Cycle
Our life process as adults is cyclical - composed of repeating stages that have certain characteristics, themes and issues. They are summarized here, so you can use them to create smoother and more satisfying life passages.

About Emotional Nutrition and Physical Health:

Your Health and Fitness Plan: Include This Essential Ingredient
Places emotional needs and support at the center of a successful health and fitness plan.Why do health and fitness plans so often go awry or even get completely discarded?  This article reveals the central ingredient that makes all the difference between success and failure.

Reduce Stress and Improve Results
Points out that learning how to manage your emotional self reduces stress and greatly increases the likelihood that you will succeed at what you want to create.

Stress, Rashes and Physical Symptoms
How can some stress- say, at work, cause a rash or some other horrible physical symptom or illness?  Understand how this works, and you'll arm yourself with a way to both reduce your stress exposure when possible and manage your stress better when it happens. It's pretty simple, really.

About the Role of Emotional Nutrition in Relationships:

The Two Most Important Relationship Messages
Reveals the two most common reasons relationships go sour and discloses the two emotional messages that can neutralize them.

Your Mental Attitude Shapes Your Relationships
Because each of us is unique, each of us is different, and that can be a source of tension and conflict between people in any kind of relationship - intimate, work, ethnic, national.

If you want to minimize fighting, relationship ruptures, tension and trauma in your relationships and get along with others, checking out your mental attitude is a great place to start. That's because it can make a major difference in reducing, even eliminating painful disputes and disruptions. 

So,before you start to develop a problem in a relationship, check to see what fundamental attitude you hold about your own humanity and that of others. Here's one example of such an attitude that has proven exceptionally effective.

Mini eCourse:

Raise Your EQ MiniCourse
The higher your EQ (emotional intelligence) the greater your chances of success. These 7 short, simple minicourse lessons show you how you can raise it. Plus you'll reduce your stress and improve your relationships at the same time...A complimentary resource from The Nourishing Company in support of a healthier emotional life.


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